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Spectacular closure of a brilliant fashion week

DUYOS presents a collection that invites you to live the moment. “Desire” is a dreamy proposal through meticulous and complex fantasy embroideries crafted by artisans in each garment. The Madrid designer makes a plea full of vitality on the runway with colours such as yellow, green or fuchsia. Passionate, feminine and easeful, his collection emanates light and illusion.

JORGE VÁZQUEZ fills the runway with romanticism. The French countryside is the starting point of a bucolic collection, delicate and tremendously feminine. Looks evoking an idyllic country life, with fabrics such as linen, cotton and vichy plaids, are presented in contrast to elaborately embroidered evening dresses with which the Galician designer pays homage to the great icons of classic cinema.

HANNIBAL LAGUNA celebrates 30 years of experience showcasing his skills in couture. “Hannibalissimo” speaks of love and femininity as it immerses us in a delicate floral universe. The designer re-stylizes the female figure making use of sculptural folds, pleats and bias cut pieces. Laguna also launches on the runway his new line of perfumes, six fragrances inspired by his most outstanding collections.

MARIA KE FISHERMAN Fairground. “Fishing day” recreates a day of excursion, a disconnection with the big city, a natural universe that mixes urban aesthetics with country airs. Raincoats, detachable trousers, harnesses and technical edging join with their already well known crocheted creations, woven by hand in a convent of the Discalced Carmelites Order.