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Madrid es Moda begins

The Urban Fashion Festival MADRID ES MODA (MeM) returns, organized by ACME, an activity that aims to ‘dress up’ the capital during Fashion Week through special window shops, exhibitions, and museum bookstore and shopping routes, … More than sixty actions will fill the centre of Madrid from February 13th to 21st with the best of Spanish design in a pioneering initiative that aims to create synergies between the fashion sector and other city agents.

Design is the central axis of the programming of MADRID ES MODA, therefore, each edition has a new graphic identity, created by an ACME designer. MARÍA BARROS, who has made a collage of textiles sewn together by hand, has designed the image of IV edition of MeM, a colourful and almost tactile metaphor of the values ​​of the Festival.

These are the key points to the IV edition of MADRID ES MODA:


Established designers and students of design, brands and boutiques, opt in this fourth edition of the Festival to the awards of our Window Shop Contest. To carry it out we count with the support of Madrid Capital de Moda, Marceló Vilá, Las Rozas Village and students of IED Madrid and Postgraduates in Architecture, Design and Fashion of the Polytechnic University of Madrid.


MADRID ES MODA premieres the first edition of the meeting Fashion & Diversity. A round table in the public library Eugenio Trías-Casa de Fieras that will enjoy the participation of Dolores Cortes, Creative Director of her signature swimwear label and medical rehabilitator; TDOTEX, a pioneering company in fashion from La Rioja for people with functional diversity; Angela Isla, IED student who has developed a styling project for people with disabilities; Paola Torres, blogger and fashion designer with down syndrome, and representatives of different associations: State Representative Platform of People with Physical Disability (PREDIF), Spanish Federation of Acquired Brain Damage (FEDACE) and Full Inclusion Madrid.


They want to be much more than a set of rooms and services. The goal of a new generation of hotels is to become cultural containers and generators of experiences that go beyond a good night sleep. A vocation that during MADRID ES MODA is manifested in collective exhibitions of designers at the Iberostar Las Letras Gran Vía Hotel (Devota & Lomba, Juana Martín, Jorge Vázquez, Lebor Gabala, Menchén Tomàs, Miguel Marinero, Teresa Helbig, Ulises Mérida) and the Gran Meliá Fénix (Angel Schlsesser, Devota & Lomba, Duyos, Hannibal Laguna, Inuñez, Juan Vidal and Roberto Torretta) or the boudoir room of Maya Hansen at the Dear Hotel.


“Elegance is elimination,” summed up, forcefully, the genius of Getaria. Students at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Madrid put this maxim into practice at an exhibition at the Eugenio Trías-Casa de Fieras Public Library in El Retiro Park. Six creations arisen from the will to pay tribute to the Spanish couturier Balenciaga and, at the same time, leave their own footprint in his majestic wake.

A dialogue between teacher and pupils is also carried out by the students of Rabaneda of the Centro Superior de Moda de Madrid, who reinterpret the creations of the Sevillian designer in an original exhibition at the Hotel Urso.


Authors and bookstores actively participate in MADRID ES MODA presenting in a prominent way their selections of titles related to fashion. In this edition highlighted is the presentation of the new volume by illustrator Flavita Banana, Las cosas del querer, in Atticus Finch; the children’s socks design workshop Calentando pinreles in the bookstore Lieberespacio, and the presentation of the essay The Eighth Art by José María Paz Gago at the Hotel Iberostar Las Letras.


Fashion and gastronomy are two creative sectors with much in common, and this is demonstrated in the many synergies that are generated during Madrid es Moda: Agatha Ruiz de la Prada presents the exhibition Love is in the Food in the new premises of Cristina Oria; the chef of the restaurant Altrapo, of the Hotel Iberostar Las Letras, proposes a Menu Madrid es Moda illustrated by the designer María Barros, and in which each diner receives the gift of a eye glasses by Wolfnoir; Ribeiro D.O. launches a special edition Madrid es Moda of two wines, white and red, labelled with the graphic image of the festival, created by the Galician designer María Barros. In addition, another of the gastronomic spaces of reference of the capital, Platea, dresses up its window shops with Spanish fashion during MeM with creations of Cristina Piña, Dolores Cortés and Ion Fiz, and offers the live retransmission of the MBFWM fashion shows.


Shopping is a must in a fashion festival. In the IV edition of MeM we have released a new section on our website, in which Spanish design firms sell unique pieces at a special price. In addition, the manicure and pedicure room Mi Calle in New York organizes a pop up store of designers where you can buy the creations of Anton Heunis, Leyre Valiente, Miguel Marinero and Cristina Piña.


The museums of Madrid become spaces to exhibit fashion. The Thyssen Museum, with the collaboration of Las Rozas Village, offers free guided tours that review the history of fashion through the paintings in its collection. The Geominero Museum and the Museum of America are home to exhibitions by the designer Leyre Valiente. With fashion or jewellery as leitmotiv, the Museo del Traje, the National Decorative Arts, Museo Romántico, the Lázaro Galdiano or the Historia de Madrid organize guided visits to the permanent collection or temporary exhibitions.


Creativity is the guiding thread of MADRID ES MODA, a festival where different artistic disciplines converge through activities such as the Violeta Arellano exhibition in the Cruz Bajo Hall, the collaboration of Helena Rohner with the artist Nuria Mora or the exhibition on the History of the Cape proposed by Seseña.