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Commitment to training in fashion

Madrid es Moda maintains in the X edition its steadfast commitment to training in fashion with two clear objectives, bringing this discipline to anyone who has the concern and interest in learning about it, and sharing the knowledge, the experiences and the practical success stories with fashion experts and designers of recognized prestige.

Knowledge and know-how in the world of fashion available to everyone thanks to the master-classes taught during the urban fashion festival, of different topics but with a common denominator, Fashion.

María Lafuente, one of the designers most committed to sustainability and social rights, gave the conference “The 2030 Agenda during the week of Madrid es Moda” held in Mindway space, home of the ELLE Fashion School. During the colloquium, the creator surrounded herself with leading professionals and experts in this area, such as Juan Parés (President and CEO Textil Santanderina), Ana Belén Noriega (General Secretary PEFC Spain), Isabel López-Rivadulla (Director of Communication and Marketing at SIGNUS Ecovalor), Ana Belén Santos (Coordinator of the Art and Culture for Human Rights project) and Florianna Mariscotti (Empowering People).

The power of music and its relationship with fashion was the theme chosen by Music Library & SFX to make an interesting presentation about the use and importance of music in fashion and how to provide fashion shows, trailers, presentations, promotional videos or corporate brands that make fashion, an added value with a certain type of music. Designer Ulises Mérida, who attended this event, shared his experience, his sources of inspiration and some practical. This activity was also held in the Mindway space for free.

Nebrija University hosted in one of its classrooms a master-class by Laura Tapias, designer and founder of Lauwood, firm of handbags made in Spain with wood and carbon fibre K12, so that their students could know first-hand the brand’s origin and how it has evolved using the appropriate sales channels to achieve a successful commercial expansion. And, in the most practical part of the conference, it has been possible to verify live and direct some of the most important aspects of the production process of a Lauwood handbag, such as the selection of innovative materials and the verification of its resistance.

Until February 9th, the activities of Madrid es Moda continue, take note on its website.

Photos María Lafuente Conference: Íñigo de Amescua.

Photos Masterclass Music Library & SFX and Lauwood: Pablo Paniagua