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Córdoba pays homage to Elio Berhanyer

The city of Córdoba pays homage to one of its most illustrious sons, designer Elio Berhanyer. The business association Centro Córdoba has been the driving force of this event, which has enjoyed the collaboration of the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España.

With his charisma and work, Elio Berhanyer has spread the image of his hometown throughout his dilated and brilliant career, and this is why said association from Cordoba launched such a merited tribute in an emblematic place, the Salón Liceo del Real Circulo de la Amistad.

During the event, led by the presenter Agustín Bravo and journalist Mónica de Tomás, who worked for over 13 years as the designer’s mannequin, a review was made of Elio’s personal and professional life, with special emphasis on his childhood years In Córdoba.

The veteran designer was surrounded by numerous fellow citizens, family, friends, authorities and professionals from the sector, such as Juana Martín, also from Córdoba, and the President of ACME, Modesto Lomba, who during his speech in the tribute stressed the great commitment of Elio with the fashion sector and his enormous companionship, remembering the beginnings of this Association, of which he was one of the founders, almost 20 years ago.

Other colleagues and friends of the profession, such as the President of the Loewe Foundation, Enrique Loewe, or designer Roberto Verino, who could not personally accompany him in this tribute, wished to be present at the event sending affectionate words of admiration to Elio Berhanyer. Verino addressed, to whom he considers “a great teacher”, a touching letter that you can read completely here.

The event also featured the participation of artists from Cordoba such as the painter Pepe Amate, who created a painting inspired by Berhanyer’s creations, and the young violinist Paco Montalvo.