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Custo Barcelona shines at NYFW

Custo Barcelona has uploaded the “Aftersun” collection to the NYFW runway for next year’s summer nights. The new proposal is a toast to the most playful part of the hot season, of endless nights that last until dawn. Experimentalism and comfort combine to create an eminently nocturnal unique wardrobe in which volumes and lines break moulds.

“Aftersun” brings together a succession of highly elaborated pieces that continue to develop the signature language while decorating a skin that seeks to be shown: mini dresses with infinite shine, technical fabrics bodies, jackets with holographic fabrics and silks or macro coats with iridescent fringes and sparkles. The garments with pocket patchworks mix fabrics of different weights and qualities, ranges of colours and textures, which are an unmistakable Custo style signature.

The Catalan fashion brand proposes to end the day with acetate dresses with metallic laminates with a finish that achieves a mercurial liquid appearance, mini dresses in technical fabrics in all metallic ranges and bodies made with multi-coloured glittery cuts of different fabrics. All of them combined in a perfect proposal for bodies that move under neon lights.

The volumes vary from macro, very loose coats and sports styles, to dresses and bodies that are more concise and tight or oversize mini dresses, the collection’s strong point, in which experimentation and mixture of different materials are fused in novelty proposals. Holographic sequins, silks, technical fabrics, appliques and even fringes come together in a winning mix.

Custo Barcelona has put great effort into developing very soft and light technological fabrics treated with, also very advanced, finishes that seek the unclassifiable. The colours range from metallic roses, neon fuchsias, metallic ranges such as copper, gold, silver and blues in all their variants mixed with a touch of white to black and different levels of brightness.

The brand takes a leap to the US in 1997 when it begins to present its collections on New York’s runway, in which it continues to participate every season. It also presents its collections in Madrid Fashion Week since 2017. Its characteristic prints have been embodied in furniture, cars and even in an airplane for the company, Vueling. Currently,  Custo Barcelona has points of sale in the US, Latin America and different European countries.