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Sustainable fashion show Let it Slow! 2018

The Circular Project’s proposal for this edition of Sustainable Fashion within Madrid es Moda, has been Slow Heart, which has been focused on placing value on the figure of the dressmaker and sewing workshops.

The Circular Project focuses on highlighting the driving force of sustainable fashion, going to its very essence, directly to your heart, which is none other than sewing and dressmakers, seamstresses, tailors, who daily sit in front of their sewing machine, a cutting table or a mannequin to make the clothes we wear.

Through conferences, an exhibition and an urban fashion show, sustainability, environmental commitment, eco-design and local work have been proposed as the main premises of their Slow Heart proposal, which arose with the aim of raising awareness regarding a more friendly industry with the planet.

The exhibition “Sea Energy, Seas of Madrid” exhibited creations of local and global designers united by a common goal, fashion that aims to transform the industry towards a model with low environmental and social impact. Likewise, in the conferences held on this occasion, this goal has been underlined and the importance of the figure of the dressmaker has been highlighted as a central axis.

Once again, the urban fashion show Let it Slow! 2018 puts the finishing touch showcasing fashion whose main drive is respect for nature and people as they are: diverse, eclectic and unique. The proposals of ten brands that work with design gives fashion a soul that until recently it did not have. These garments were subsequently exhibited in a showroom held at the The Circular Project headquarters.