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Duyos presents his first cruise collection

Duyos teams up with Netflix to present his first cruise collection, inspired by the platform’s new original show, Alta Mar. This exclusive proposal has been presented at the Teatro Gran Maestre in Madrid, which become an authentic vintage luxury liner where to showcase 20 looks.

Departing from his own memories, Juan Duyos has taken as a point of reference his family’s remembrance, and images of his grandparents, which have helped him redefine the 40s silhouettes to create this project in which he masterfully recovers the style of the past brought to the present.

“I am very excited to launch my first cruise collection with Netflix. Alta Mar is a series that has been truly inspiring for this collection: the 40s, intrigue and wonderful characters that make you dream”, says Juan Duyos.

In the creative process of this proposal seven people have been involved, making up the firm’s design and couture team, and who have managed to capture the TV show’s essence and bring it together with Duyo’s universe. Two intense weeks of work in design and a month and a half of work in making it have resulted in a collection that showcases an artisan work, a hallmark of this Madrid couture house.

Each of the creations of this proposal has its own narrative. The volumes and colours reflect the personality of each character in the series. Pale pink and red highlight the protagonist’s personality, the daring and adventurous Eva (lvana Baquero), and the elegant and sweet Carolina (Alejandra Onieva). There is no lack of green and blue sea tones, which are emblazoned with gold representing the glamor of the lavish parties in the high seas.