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Duyos dresses the chefs with Repsol Suns

The prestigious Repsol Guide and Juan Duyos have joined together in a project where the best of Spanish design, state-of-the-art technology and innovation go hand in hand. Together they have created the first cooking jacket made entirely with recycled materials, offering great resistance to heat. This design will distinguish the chefs awarded with the Repsol Guide Suns and will be personalized with the name and the ‘Suns’ of each chef.

Creator Juan Duyos seeks with his design a subtle but innovative reinvention of the characteristic chef apparel, which he has renovated using a more stylized, flattering and comfortable pattern, and for which he has used a new fabric completely recycled, fireproof and sustainable, identified by the Repsol Technology Center, which has its origin in the recycling of textile fibres and plastic packaging.

Absolute clean lines, where even the buttons are hidden, is the main feature of the new design of the jacket, which is finished with golden lines in the neck and cuffs to signal the excellence of Spanish cuisine.

“It is an honour to design for the chefs that Repsol honours with its suns; I want to thank this unique opportunity. Renewing a classic of design like the chef’s jacket is a pride in addition to a challenge, I hope you love it! “, declares Juan Duyos.

The best chefs in Spain will be able to wear these new jackets from November, when Repsol Guide announces the ‘Suns’ of 2018.