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Fashion exhibits on the billboard

Photography exhibitions and design exhibits could not be left out of MADRID ES MODA as activities that add value to the festival’s program.

Photographer Pablo Paniagua presents in MeM his first personal project, which builds a bridge between relevant names of the current Spanish scene in fashion and crafts. It is comprised of a series of eight photographs with the heads of animals in natural fibres made by craftsman Javier S. Medina accompanied by spectacular looks by ACME designers: Inúñez, Jorge Vázquez, Duyos, Hannibal Laguna, Oteyza, Ulises Mérida, Dolores Cortés and Ana Locking, styled by Mayte de la Iglesia. The photographer has been inspired by the great classics of photography to shape this series entitled Fashion & Fierce, which will be exhibited during MADRID ES MODA, from January 22nd to 30th, in the space of Javier S. Medina  (C/Escorial, 28).

Exposición "Fierce & Fashion" de Mayte de la Iglesia y Pablo Paniagua en la tienda-taller de Javier S. Medina

Exhibit “Fierce & Fashion” by Mayte de la Iglesia and Pablo Paniagua in Javier S. Medina’s store-workshop.

The Design Center of Matadero DIMAD has joined MADRID ES MODA as a showcase of the best Spanish design and creation, with two exceptional exhibitions: “Complementary. Beyond Fashion “, a project promoted by DIMAD to give visibility to the design of fashion accessories, and” Reassessment and Rebirth of Men’s Fashion “, which shows the vision of charismatic Oteyza label of one of the most iconic Spanish garments, the cape.

Complementary. Beyond fashion“, organized by DIMAD, is a sample that aims to value that great ally of fashion that is the fashion accessory. With the participation of young talents, as well as designers with a more consolidated trajectory, this exhibit emphasizes the creative processes of the pieces exhibited.

Montaje de la exposición "Complementarios" en DIMAD

Montage of the exhibit “Complementaries. Beyond fashion “in DIMAD.

This exhibition will coexist during the same dates with “Reassessment and Rebirth of Men’s Fashion”, in which tailor Oteyza makes a revision of one of the most iconic garments in Spanish tradition, the cape. Also, part of the exhibit explains the efforts that are being made to support the recovery of Spanish black merino sheep, in order to promote its development throughout the fashion industry.

The Circular Project, founding partner of the Sustainable Fashion Association of Madrid MSMAD, in collaboration with ACME and Slow Fashion World, puts back into context the importance of sustainable fashion with this exhibit “Smart Fashion = Slow Fashion. Madrid: Sustainable Development Goal”, which will take place in El Paracaidista, Calle de la Palma 10, from January 23rd to 30th.

This exhibition will be structured in the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN and therefore 17 designers will represent each one of them. Local and global brands that are working under the guidelines of sustainable fashion and eco-design, and that investigate, design and create fashion that takes a step forward to alleviate harmful impacts.

Algunas propuestas de las 17 marcas participantes en la exposición "Slow Fashion = Smart Fashion. Madrid, Objetivo de Desarrollo Sostenible" en El Paracaidista

Some proposals of the 17 brands participating in the exhibit.