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Fernando Claro joins ACME

ACME receives a new brand in its ranks. With more than 35 years of experience in the fashion sector, FERNANDO CLARO joins said professional organization. Craftsmanship, and a highly refined couture work, defines the foundations of this family business, which has showcased more than 100 fashion shows on platforms such as Atelier Couture in Madrid, Atmosphère Paris and The Train in New York.

Designer Fernando Claro works in tandem with his daughter Beatriz, a trained journalist, who has run the company for a decade. His creations are common in our country’s red carpets, featuring in the looks of actresses such as Amaia Salamanca and Blanca Suárez, or influencers like Marta Lozano and Paula Ordovás. But if something pleases this brand is dressing many anonymous women over more than three decades in the most important moments of their lives.

With the arrival of Fernando Claro, ACME confirms Spanish author fashion design’s commitment to “slow fashion”, a concept that is based on smaller and more selective productions in which very meticulous work is carried out with very high quality standards.

The value of what is handmade distinguishes Made in Spain fashion in the world, and this is one of the main values ​​with which Claro is making his way internationally, with exclusive custom-made orders for clients from outside our country.

In Spain, fashion design companies are intimately linked to craftsmanship, to production in proximity, and to the recovery of trades and traditions, and FERNANDO CLARO is a good example of this. With ateliers in Seville and Madrid, the company focuses all its production in their workshops in the town of Dos Hermanas, where expert hands sew by hand, detail by detail, unique garments, designed especially for each occasion and made for each woman.