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Tribute to David Delfín in the Museo del Traje

María González, mother of David Delfín, received from the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport and Government Spokesperson, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, the National Fashion Design Award 2016, granted to her son last November. The event, held at the Museo del Traje, became an emotional tribute to the recently deceased designer with the presence of numerous designers, personalities from the world of culture, collaborators, family and friends who wished to remember the creator from Malaga.

Modesto Lomba, President of the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España, spoke on behalf of all the designers colleagues in remembrance of his professional facet as well as his human quality. “With this delivery we pay homage and remember an exceptional person. David was a unique professional whom we love and admire tremendously. ”

The President of ACME also wanted to emphasize the great commitment of David Delfín with the defence of the interests of Spanish designers. “In 2005 David became part of the ACME family, where he earned all the love and respect of his professional colleagues.”

Actress Rossy de Palma and singer Olvido Gara (Alaska) partook in the tribute on behalf of their closest friends recalling the more personal and intimate facet of David. Gorka Postigo, partner and co-founder of the label Davidelfín, remembered the origins of the brand dedicating also a few words to Bimba Bosé, a fundamental part in the work and the life of the designer. Postigo also thanked in his speech the work of the whole team that over the years has worked day by day with David.

The Minister of Education, Culture and Sport closed the event highlighting the audacity, courage and social commitment of the work of Delfín. “This award is a recognition, but it is also an assertion, that of a restless David Delfín, insatiable in his artistic passion, multidisciplinary, capable of maddening with admiration towards his referents.

Méndez de Vigo said that the creator from Malaga “revolutionized Spanish fashion by contributing with his brand to redraw the aesthetic profile of the street, our way of dressing, and showcasing us the world. Fashion is a social reflection of the passage of history. Through design you can better understand the evolution of a society. ”

Finally, the Minister of Education, Culture and Sport emphasized the charisma of David Delfin’s work “because his art not only drank from everything that excited him, regardless of its origin or the source of the discipline, but also because he took his work from fashion design in conventional channels to social media, which in his case were also works of art, through to the production of logos, brands, installations, or for his unforgettable connection with the world of Spanish cinema, which he enriched with his aesthetic talent and his capacity of innovation “.