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II Edition of the report “Spanish fashion design, in numbers”

The Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) reveals the contribution of its associates to the Spanish economy in 2016: 442 million euros in sales and more than 5,800 jobs.

The report, driven by ACME, reveals economic magnitudes that showcase the constant growth and the relevant contribution of fashion design to the Spanish economy. The study, focused on the fashion brands associated with said professional organization, aims to shed light on the economic dimension of these companies, in addition to establishing an evolution regarding the previous year. Made with the collaboration of the Community of Madrid and publishing group, the report is included in the initiative Madrid Capital de Moda and is sponsored by Mixer & Pack.

The presentation, which was held at the headquarters of the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports of the Community of Madrid, counted with the participation of Jaime de los Santos, Councillor of Culture, Tourism and Sports; Pilar Riaño, Director of Modaes; Juan Mediavilla, Director General of Mixer & Pack; Modesto Lomba, President of ACME, and Pepa Bueno, Executive Director of the Association.

The companies that are part of the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) generated an aggregate turnover of 442 million euros in 2016, 9.2% more than the previous year. This figure represents the equivalent of 42.6% of the turnover of the specialized design sector in Spain since, in total, companies dedicated to this area (graphic design, fashion and others) have an annual turnover of 1,039.1 million euros, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

Among other data, the publication also includes the contribution, in terms of creation, of highly qualified employment by ACME associates. These companies generated more than 5,841 jobs in total in 2016, of which 4,314 were direct jobs, 4.5% more than in the previous year. Consequently the companies that make up ACME concentrate more than 57.7% of the 10,128 total jobs linked to specialized design in the country.

ACME partners sold 13.5 million garments and accessories in 2016, which represented an increase of 51.7% in the volume of production of these companies, while the distribution network went from 9,962 total points of sale in 2015 to 13,086 in 2016, distributed between the national territory and abroad. In the online channel, the sales of independent design companies reached 4.3% of the total turnover, which is equivalent to more than 19.1 million euros, 54% more than the previous year.

In this second edition, the report also emphasizes the internationalization of fashion companies. In this sense, fashion design companies generated a total of 107.6 million euros of turnover in global markets, placing their foreign business at 24.3% of the global turnover of these companies. The main international markets for these companies are the United States, France, Italy and Japan, followed by Germany, China and Mexico.

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