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We present here a list of spanish schools, which excel all in their own domain for different reasons and also for a particular feature which distinguishes them. Firstly, we focused on the fame and prestige of the school, which will have an impact on students’ future professional’s CV. Secondly, we took into consideration where these universities are based – as on top of living in the epicentre of culture and fashion- fashion capitals will always provide more network opportunities for students. In addition, as the fashion industry is wide-ranging and has very different paths, we also contemplated the different programmes the schools have to offer and their originality, as some have a very strong focus on design while others on business or journalism. Last but not least, school network, internships and job opportunities for students where also at the top of our list.

Escuela Moda ELLE

ESDEN Business School (Bilbao, Madrid and Barcelona)

CSDMM, Universidad Politécnica (Madrid)

The Llotja Advanced School of Art and Design (Barcelona)

Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering

University of Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona)

INEDI Design School Bilbao

Fashion and Design School Goymar (La Coruña)

Fashion School of Seville

ISEM Fashion Business School. Navarra University (Madrid)

IADE School of Design (Madrid)

School of Art 10 (Madrid)

Carlos III University of Madrid

ESIC Business Marketing School(Madrid)

CEU San Pablo University (Madrid)

Rey Juan Carlos University (Madrid)

Felicidad Duce (FDModa), School of Higher Education in Fashion Design of LCI Barcelona

IED (Barcelona y Madrid)