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The city of Madrid pays tribute to Jesús del Pozo

The city where Jesús del Pozo was born and raised celebrates his legacy with a commemorative plaque in Calle Almirante nº9, the place where for many years his atelier and flagship boutique was located.

This plaque is not the first recognition that the capital city makes to one of its most illustrious neighbours. Last September, on the 5th anniversary of his demise, a retrospective exhibition of 50 emblematic pieces by Jesús del Pozo took place. An exhibit carried out in collaboration with the Foundation that bears his name (created during the designer’s lifetime) and the Community of Madrid, and which could be visited in Sala Canal.

Jesús del Pozo, one of the most relevant designers in Spanish fashion, was one of the founders of ACME in 1998. The creator from Madrid was the first President of this Association of which, since his demise in August 2011, he is Honorary Associate in memoriam.

Throughout his career he received numerous awards among which highlighted are the Aguja de Oro in 1981, National Cristóbal Balenciaga Award for Best Designer in 1989 and the T Award of Telva for Best National Designer in 1991.

In addition to his unmistakable collections for men and women, Del Pozo also stood out in costume design for cinema, theatre and television. In 1992, he launched his first franchise through Perfumes y Diseño, the business group that acquired his brand in 2012. Under the signature label of Delpozo, his brand continues to grow and is in the midst of global expansion under the creative direction of Josep Font, presenting each season its fashion collections at New York Fashion Week.