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The city that loved fashion

After the bustle of MBFWM and of the trade shows and sales showrooms in Paris, to which multiple Spanish fashion and accessories companies come – actions both in which ACME is very involved -, we have just received the results of the last edition of Madrid is Moda (MeM), the urban fashion festival that we organized with the main purpose of promoting signature fashion in the centre of the Spanish capital during the fashion shows. And the truth; the results have been frankly good, although of course, one is never completely satisfied and we would have loved much more … Here you have them so that you may also judge. The repercussion in the press (radio, TV and print and online) has had a valuation in euros of € 2,376,301.00 and a reach of 467,960,424 potential receivers, and this focused on 10 days, which is how long lasts MeM.

On the other hand, and regarding social networks, growth in relation to past editions has been spectacular: MeM videos have been reproduced 360,947 times; the Madrid is Moda brand has been seen more than 1,649,962 times among Facebook and Instagram users; we have reached over 810,712 people in and around Madrid, all of whom are interested in fashion, designers and the MeM environment. Videos, posts and follow-up campaigns have sparked the interest of more than 245,000 people who have interacted with us on Facebook and Instagram; ACME’s Facebook page has grown more than 18% in less than 10 days, and there have been 1,958 new, targeted and relevant followers for MeM, and MeM’s web views have grown more than 95%.

The data speaks for itself, but these figures also reveal a growing interest in society for the fashion of our creators, and this leads me directly to the Gallic capital. In Paris, during fashion week, the city is filled with posters and billboards through which the city expresses its enthusiasm and support to the world of fashion. Its city council bets on the sector in the form of millionaire investments (57 million euros between 2015 and 2020) that are visible during those two weeks a year in exhibitions or advertising campaigns, among other things. This year, in addition, these actions come with a Spanish flavour and are driven by the embassy of Spain in France. Under the generic name of Saison Espagnole there are three dedicated exhibitions; the first one to Balenciaga, in the museum Bourdelle, the second to Spanish popular clothing, in the museum house of Victor Hugo, carried out entirely with funds from the Museo del Traje, and the third to Fortuny, to be inaugurated in October at the Galliera Museum. All have been curated by a great lover and connoisseur of Spanish fashion, Olivier Saillard, Director of the Parisian fashion museum.

One of the slogans that flooded Paris during fashion week was “La Mode Aime Paris”, a love shown incessantly in a city that lives largely from it. Madrid also, we believe in the Association, loves fashion, and the data that I exposed above comes to corroborate this, although, needless to say, much work has to be done to make this love more passionate and intense. We are on it.