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Fashion, integration territory

Fashion is an industry, but it is also a powerful tool for social integration. Its ability to intuit the desires of consumers, its attention to diversity and its hyperactive renewal cycle makes it a privileged showcase of the contemporary world. A vision that today focuses upon people with functional diversity in the meeting Fashion and Diversity organized by MADRID ES MODA and the specialized Rioja company TDOTEX.

Healthwear, adapted clothing or solution-based designs are some of the concepts being used to launch a global challenge: there are fashion consumers who do not find designer clothing with adequate accessibility to their stipulations and conditions. The goal is to rethink what is fashion or and how it can work from within in order to solve problems … instead of creating them.


“The fashion design industry is currently detecting the need to create garments and accessories for people with functional diversity who, due to their partial or total lack of mobility, among other situations, do not find adequate clothing,” explains Javier Aragón, CEO of the Rioja company TdotexThis firm is one of the few in Spain that specializes in creating collections with functional diversity as a condition and with a focus on design. “We are very few, only four or five companies out of the sixty thousand dedicated to fashion in our country,” notes Aragon.

Is it a forgotten market? How should a large company adapt to this segment of the population? How can you respond with a designer’s signature? These and many other questions will try to have an answer at the BPM Eugenio Trías – Casa de Fieras del Retiro meeting. The speakers will be designer Dolores Cortes, designer and Creative Director of TDOTEX, Miguel Olarte, blogger and designer Paola Torres, the project NoBarrierStyle by Ángel Isla, IED Madrid, and Predif technician Iván López.