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The Goya’s dress up in Spanish fashion

The 31st edition of the Goya Awards has been loaded with the best of Spanish design. The Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España has once again collaborated with the Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences so that the big Spanish movie night is dressed up with the best of national fashion. On the red carpet of the Hotel Auditorio in Madrid we had our leading actors and actresses, who chose looks signed by Spanish designers to shine in the most anticipated event of Spanish cinema.

White was the favourite colour of the night, and so was manifested by Antonia San Juan and María León, dressed by Juanjo Oliva; Melina Mathews, by Menchén Tomàs; and Belén Cuesta, nominated for ‘Best Actress Revelation’, who wore an impeccable Pedro del Hierro. Also in white, stylist Natalia Ferviú, who attended the gala in a dress by Leyre Valiente. The madrileño designer also dressed Zeltia Montes, nominated for ‘Best Song’ award.

     María León, Antonia San Juan y Natalia Ferviú      Belén Cuesta y Melina Mathews

The Honorific Goya was awarded to Ana Belén, who wished to pay homage to her great friend Jesús del Pozo, and collected her prize in a delicate Delpozo dress, designed by the current creative director, Josep Font.

Dusky hues were the key to Teresa Helbig’s designs that could be seen on actresses Cristina Brondo and Silvia Alonso.

       Ana Belén, Silvia Alonso y Cristina Brondo

Ulises Mérida was responsible for dressing one of the nominees of the evening, Carmen Machi, in a sober and elegant black dress, and actress Ana Alvarez, who wore one of his starring garments: the white shirt.

        Ana Álvarez y Carmen Machi

Two of the most anticipated on the red carpet also chose Spanish design for this great night: Paula Echevarria by Jorge Vazquez, and Paz Vega, with a spectacular feather dress by Jorge Acuña.

     Paula Echevarría y Paz Vega

Ana Locking’s designs were the most edgy of the night, with a distinctive suit for actor Asier Etxeandía and a daring dress worn by a spectacular Manuela Vellés, who also shone in her performance at the gala wearing a paillettes coat by Duyos.

       Asier Etxeandía y Manuela Vellés

The majority of our actors opted for the brand García Madrid: Hugo Silva, Alejo Sauras, Fele Martínez, Adrian Lastra, Josep Linuesa, Miguel Herraz and Luis Callejo, nominated for best actor. Also directors Daniel Guzmán, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Salvador Calvo and Guillermo Abril.

     Alejo Sauras, Hugo silva y Rodrigo Echegoyen

Roberto Verino signed the looks of actress Luisa Gavasa and actors Lluis Homar Fernando Cayo and Boré Buika, along with film directors Manuel Gómez Pereira and Fernando Colomo, who wore a tuxedo by the Galician brand.

 Fernando Colomo, Luisa Gavasa y Fernando Cayo

Also in a classic tuxedo the conductor of the gala, Dani Rovira, and one of the actors of the moment, Javier Rey, dressed by Pedro del Hierro.

      Javier Rey y Dani Rovira