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Summer #fullcolour

With the slogan #atodocolor #fullcolour, inspired by the graphic image of this IX edition created by the fashion brand Pedro del Hierro, we started the Urban Fashion Festival Madrid es Moda on July 1st, in order to dress up the capital with the best Spanish fashion design. Now that we are in the final stretch, we would like to wish all followers of this initiative a happy #fullcolour summer.

A summer in RED with Devota&Lomba. Designer Modesto Lomba takes on the commission from Nacho Aguayo and Alex Miralles, creative directors of Pedro del Hierro, to create the MeM look in red. We recorded this moment in his own atelier together with some details of the process of the making of the D & L fashion design: a midi dress in red silk gathered at the waist with hand applied flowers in the same fabric.

Miguel Marinero with his design team, his son and daughter, Nicolás and Inés, set a proposal in blue after receiving the invitation of said colour to participate in the Festival. We attended the process of fabric selection and draping on the mannequin in the fashion brand’s atelier. Madrid dresses up in BLUE with a linen tailored jacket and a long skirt in geometric organza signed by Miguel Marinero.

And MALNE fashion brand is in charge of adding the VIOLET touch to Madrid es Moda. We were present in their studio when the designers Juanjo Mánez and Paloma Álvarez receive the purple letter and begin to create and shape with high fashion techniques their star garment for MeM.

Do you want to know the result? Click on video …