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Moisés Nieto creates the new image of Madrid es Moda

The urban fashion festival MADRID ES MODA (MeM), organized by the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME), presents its 8th edition that will take place from January 18th to 31st, 2019. MeM aims to ‘dress-up’ the capital during Fashion Week through exhibitions, special window shops, museum tours, meetings, shopping … All with design and Spanish creation as protagonists.

Once again design is the central axis of MADRID ES MODA’s program. Hence, each edition has a new graphic identity created by an ACME designer. Moisés Nieto has designed the image of the 8th edition. The creator aimed to avoid the obvious by creating this still life, a work full of textures, colour, fabrics and shapes, symbolizing the union of all designers. Moisés Nieto also introduces within the capital’s emblematic flowers such as nards and carnations. With this association between fashion and art, the intention is to bring the fashion week close to a wider audience.

Moisés Nieto founded his own brand in 2011 after completing his studies in Fashion Design at IED Madrid. The designer fuses craftsmanship with the most avant-garde design and youth culture, firmly betting on Made in Spain and sustainable fashion. After obtaining the My Own Show award for Vogue Italia (2011), L’Oreal Paris for the Best Collection of EGO (2012) and being a finalist of the Mango Fashion Awards (2013), Moisés Nieto was confirmed as one of the great promises of Spanish fashion upon winning the Vogue Who’s on Next (2016) award.