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Roberto Verino, makes another bet on Mexico

The Galician fashion brand Roberto Verino has opened two new stores in Mexico in the cities of Morelia and Monterrey. With these two new spaces, it now has four points of sale in the Aztec market, where it plans to continue growing.

In the design of both stores, located in important shopping malls in the country, the aim was to follow an open space concept, without divisions that would separate the women and men’s collections housed, and the use of glass with acid latticework, an element that is characteristic of all the fashion brand’s stores.

The brand’s designer, Roberto Verino, wished to be present at this time to verify the relevance of the Latin American market for the fashion label. With an extensive and successful career in the world of fashion that has made him worthy of numerous awards, the designer holds since 2007 the Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts.