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A statement of intent

It is undeniable that Queen Letizia is subject to severe scrutiny in each of her public events, and that much of what is written about her has to do with her appearance and not with her actions. Something, let’s not forget, that does not happen with the King … But beyond the disproportionate media pressure focused on her image, what is very clear is that in her appearances she plays an important institutional role representing our country. This is why she has been appealed for some time so that her outfits may reflect the diversity and creativity of Spanish designer fashion, without focusing on one single brand. And she has done so in 2018. During last year, we have seen how she has expanded the range, and incorporated new and interesting signature brands to her wardrobe. She bid farewell to 2017 spectacular with a look from Delpozo. It was the first time she wore a design from one of the most international Spanish fashion brands of the moment. A great success was also to rescue him for a very special trip to Paris, where she visited with the Macrons a Joan Miró exhibition at the Grand Palais. This was only an advance of the novelties that the real styling for 2018 would bring us.

Doña Letizia has not only innovated in brands but also in colour, opting for less sober tones. This was the case with the Roberto Torretta red tailored suit that she wore in commemoration of the capitulations of Valladolid. With this election she showed her support to a seasoned designer, one who holds a National Fashion Award by the Ministry of Industry, thus acknowledging said awards, which she has attended since their first edition.

Signature labels of great tradition in Spanish fashion, such as Angel Schlesser or Pedro del Hierro, have also entered her wardrobe. From the latter is a navy blue jumpsuit with cape that monopolized all the flashes in a gala night at the Teatro Real, and the plaid dress she wore during the celebration of the 200th  Anniversary of the Prado Museum.

As an authentic stylistic revolution, this is how we could qualify the blue evening dress embroidered in pearls, and signed by Ana Locking, which she used for the gala dinner in honour of the President of Portugal. It was the first time that the Queen was betting on such an avant-garde author design label.

Another fashion brand to which she is very faithful, even before becoming Queen, is Adolfo Dominguez, who is part of her daily wardrobe and whom she chooses for more casual styles, especially for her summer appearances in Mallorca.

In any case, during 2018 she has once again demonstrated that she knows how to perfectly mix author design labels with low cost garments, and that the new brands that have entered her wardrobe have joined her usual choices of Nina Ricci or Carolina Herrera, both fashion brands owned by a Spanish group. The Queen has made a statement of intent through her clothes: Spanish fashion matters.

Article published in El Mundo on December 15th, 2018