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And after the ringing of the bells, Spanish fashion

We had barely finished our grapes, kissed the family and toasted the New Year when public TV, among its very first ads, welcomed 2017 with a promotional video of Brand Spain. The general idea of ​​this advertisement is to raise our native moral during such an emotional moment by placing on the table, better said, on our TV screens, the best of our country. And I bring this to collation here because this year, the collective I represent, has filled us with pride in a very special way. I explain. On this occasion, the leitmotiv of the TV spot is Spain Everywhere, and that everywhere is transformed into a dizzying audio visual tour of the places on the planet where our country has been leaving its footprint. Well, specifically in Paris, the images that support the presence of that which is Spanish are those of one of the events that the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España has carried out in the residence of the Spanish ambassador in the French capital for 3 years, entitled Made in Spain: La mode au-delà des frontières. For just two days, the magnificent Wagram Palace on Georges V Avenue is invaded by the creations of the best Spanish designers, serving as a perfect setting for the meeting between the fashion design sector of our country and international professionals, among which can be found specialized journalists, bloggers, museum managers, trade show managers, etc. That this action is the emblem of Spanish textile design is good news, because if the supremacy of our country regarding fast fashion is clear, designer fashion cannot boast the same power, although it can boast of its great quality and great doses of creativity, and that is what we do there once a year, we brazen it out to be able to create business opportunities, which is what is all about, after all.

In France, fashion design is considered a national value, so making a dent in that country is not only not easy, it is also very difficult. And yet, more than 400 professionals related to the sector have attended this encounter with Spanish fashion in each edition. Specifically, in the last edition of 2016 journalists of 9 different nationalities saw our creations.

The new institutional video of Brand Spain, Spain Everywhere, will be sent to all the embassies and public and private institutions for broadcasting during the year 2017, and will accompany the authorities on their official trips abroad, as was already the case with audio-visuals from previous years. That fashion design has its place here, the one that corresponds it, cannot but fill us with joy and pride. We are already preparing the one for 2017 …