19 September 2016 - Madrid es Moda

A solidarity T-Shirt

The image of a confident woman, feisty and fearless. So is for the designer Juana Martín MADRID ES MODA, and so she has captured it in a T-shirt "so that everyone can be a participant in the importance vested on fashion and so that fashion may be breathed throughout the city."


The designer from Cordoba wore precisely this garment in her final salute in her fashion show in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. A T-shirt that aims to be iconic and solidary, because the model is already on sale in the online store of Juana Martin, in benefit of the Early Care Unit of the Hospital San Juan de Dios de Cordoba, an entity to which she feels a close bond and with which she habitually collaborates.

el violinista Paco Montalvo, Juana

"The design of this graphic image of MADRID ES MODA has been a challenge for me," she says. "Inspiration has come from many fronts, my designs, my roots, my dreams ... The most important thing has been to put all this in a shaker and shake it well to arrive at an image that is up to standard".

A sample of the creative process of the designer and her team can be enjoyed in the making of the proposal, a delicious piece about the backstage of the creative universe of Juana Martin.


Madrid es Moda
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