05 February 2020 - Madrid es Moda

«A winter in St. Moritz» with Lauwood

Accessories brand Lauwood presented its new collection "A Winter in St.Moritz" with a fashion show at Hotel Iberostar Las Letras, held within Madrid es Moda’s activity calendar.

Inspired by the architecture of the beautiful Alpine village, the brand's new proposal bets on materials such as polished wood, soft, high quality leather and sheep's wool, in warm tones such as red, brown, white and grey. The goal is to create stylish, elegant and sophisticated pieces.

The new collection also proposes wooden shopper bags with a sporty, elegant and fun touch. Made with leather finishes that evoke the luxury and warmth of the streets and houses of St.Moritz, they combine fir, oak and mongo wood with sheep's wool.

Not to be missed are the brand’s characteristic evening clutch handbags, inspired by the glamorous and luxurious celebrations of this Swiss town, such as a wooden clutch with crystals and rhinestones. The combination of materials results in a symbiosis of living tradition and timeless luxury.

Lauwood specializes in research and use of new materials, having an R&D lab with high-tech equipment used in the testing of both raw materials as well as finished products. Its purpose is to create unique pieces from noble and selected woods. Now you have the opportunity to buy your handbags and accessories in the Mall Moda Shopping’s Pop Up.

Follow closely more activities in Madrid es Moda, such as the VIIth Window Shop Competition in which Lauwood also participates, and for which they have created collector's handbags with paintings by author Jordi Santacana, an expert in French Fauvism and Impressionism, or the masterclass by designer and founder of the firm, Laura Tapias, at Nebrrija University.


Photos: Pablo Paniagua[:]

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