10 October 2018 - Creadores

AB Fashion Day 2018 fashion shows

The fifth edition of AB Fashion Day has bet again on Spanish fashion celebrating fashion shows in the Palace of Congresses of Albacete, where we have been able to see the designs of some of the most established designers of our country together with young talents of the Castilian-Manchego region. The event, which has the support of ACME, aimed on this occasion to unite fashion and solidarity, by allocating the proceeds from the sale of the show tickets to the Pediatrics plant of the General Hospital of the city.

The meet was attended by different personalities and local authorities, as well as designers Modesto Lomba, President of ACME, Beatriz Peñalver, Miguel Marinero, Paloma Álvarez and Juanjo Mánez from Malne and Juan Vidal, among others.

The AB Fashion Days 2018 fashion shows began with the new Lola Muñoz collection. The designer from Albacete, promoter and co-director of this project, presented her latest proposal, "Mare", inspired by the sea and what it makes us feel. According to the creator, through the volumes and the shapes, her garments aim to transmit the calmness and the peacefulness characteristic of the wave's oscillation.

Then ACME’s signature brands, Miguel MarineroBeatriz PeñalverDevota&LombaJuan Vidal and Malne went on the AB Fashion Days runway together with other brands such as The 2nd Skin Co, Juan Brea and Juan Carlos Pajares, who also showed.

Miguel Marinero, with more than 40 years of experience, followed the designer from Albacete on the runway, showing his fall-winter 2018-2019 collection in which purple and lilac blend as reflections of the sunrise over the water, sunsets in damp grass, and dusky lights. A universe of organic garments that make up a collection where tailoring and delicate sewing techniques are the main axis. As is usual, his vision is a constant challenge of combining the practicality of a garment with beauty, mixing simplicity and glamour.

On the other hand, Beatriz Peñalver, the young designer from Granada surprised with her latest collection 'Guateque' inspired by those iconic and fun parties of the 70s - which tittles the collection and which is also a personal tribute to the famous Peter Sellers* film  - and that has served as premise for the spring-summer 2019 collection. In her show highlighted are the ample garments, shoulder pads, iridescent fabrics that change colour according to the light that is projected on them.

Devota&Lomba showcased his collection 'Dandelion' in which he presented a series of proposals suggesting finishes, fabrics and shapes that seem to look for and crave weightlessness. On the runway we saw pastel colours - rose, green and watery blue - with accents of primary colours. Sequins, mikado, moiré, taffeta, silk and cotton gauze, in the fabrics. Once again Devota & Lomba demonstrated in AB Fashion Days why they are considered the couturiers of architecture rendered fashion.

Juan Vidal showed 'Cynthia', a festive collection in which surrealist graphic prints and colours - such as black, garnet, pink and mauve - have been the protagonists. One of the things that attracted the most attention in his fashion show - besides the liquid lamé, the blue velvet and the pink Pompadour - was the important presence of shirts with bows on the neck and those cherry-coloured squares that appeared on shirts, coats, etc.

Finally, Malne , one of the main and most anticipated novelties on the AB Fashion Days 2018 runway, presented 'Atilana', a collection of luxury garments that design and create limited edition for premium clients. On the runway we saw a series of high fashion looks inspired by the 70s in which the safari and Pierrot trend prevailed, duly softened from a delicate and contemporary romanticism.

* “El Guateque” is the tittle Spanish of the Movie “The Party” starring Peter Sellers and Directed by Blake Edwards (1968).

Photographer Juan Carlos Navarro


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