07 June 2018 - Association

David Delfín, Honorary Associate In Memoriam

The Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España has appointed David Delfín (Ronda, Malaga, 1970 - Madrid, 2017) Honorary Associate In Memoriam, within the setting of the tribute organized due to the first anniversary of his demise, in the Museo del Traje. ACME’s President, Modesto Lomba, has conceded said recognition shared with four great fashion figures: Cristóbal Balenciaga, Hubert de Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta and Jesús del Pozo.

David Delfín joined ACME in 2005 and was a member of the board of directors since 2010. In his tribute speech, Modesto Lomba underlined that "from the beginning he was involved in defending the interests of Spanish designers, and he knew how to win over the love and respect of all his colleagues.”

"Let's talk about David"

The tribute began with a gesture of affection on behalf of jewellery designer Helena Rohner towards her friend and peer. The creator has designed a bracelet in memory of David Delfin that was given as a remembrance gift to the guests attending the event. Next, Helena López de Hierro, Director of Museo del Traje de Madrid, welcomed more than 100 attendees to the event and presented the speakers, not without first highlighting the professional path of the designer from Malaga who revolutionized Spanish fashion.

"Let's talk about David", is the title of the round table that brought together Lucas Arraut, journalist and director of ICON, as moderator; designers Juan Duyos and Helena Rohner; actress and David’s soul mate, Bibiana Fernández; Gorka Postigo, friend and owner of the fashion brand Davidelfin, and Juan Gutiérrez, curator of the Museo del Traje and specialist in contemporary fashion.

In the course of the tribute, the moments lived with him were addressed together with his hobbies and his phobias as well as his professional legacy, and his generosity, kindness, closeness and great sense of humour were highlighted. Bibiana Fernandez explained that she could not remember her first encounter with David, "I have the feeling of having known him all my life". On the other hand, for Gorka Postigo "it was a vision, an impact, time stopped. I was alone, dancing, but I did not dare to approach him until after a while. I will never forget the first time I saw him. "

On her behalf, Helena Rohner said they connected from the beginning. "We had a very sweet friendship, we cared about each other. He was very professional, very serious with what he did, we connected very well and that's why we made three collections together. "It was love at first sight", that is the sensation of designer Juan Duyos with David Delfin, and after that love crush, "we have lived through everything", adds Duyos.

The legacy of David Delfín

His extraordinary talent and creativity revolutionized Spanish design since the birth of his signature label Davidelfin, a multidisciplinary project he established in 2001, together with the Postigo brothers and Bimba Bosé, and this undoubtedly marked a before and after in Spanish fashion. The Davidelfin fashion brand in the words of Gorka Postigo, "…is alive, beats strongly and soon we will launch news after this period of personal and professional mourning".

Juan Gutierrez, faithful connoisseur of the designer’s professional path as a specialist in contemporary fashion at the Museo del Traje, emphasizes his desire for the fashion brand to continue since, from his point of view, it marked a milestone, "creating a very strong identity and opening a door to the youth culture during the change of century, a youth which possibly was not so connected to fashion ".

At the end of the tribute, a check amounting to €45,000 was presented to the Director of Biomedical Research of the Spanish Association Against Cancer, Marta Puyol. This amount was raised by the sale of the T’s Delfin made with a photo of Bimba Bosé.


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