12 September 2017 - Madrid es Moda

Do you want to design the new Go! Sushing box?

The restaurant chain Go! Sushing has from the beginning invested in design when presenting its brand and products. Theirs are special editions such as the collaboration made in 2016 with designer and member of ACME Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. An investment and a commitment that they now want to bring to younger creators, partially because, as they point out from the brand "you can find among them our main clientele."


For this reason, within the framework of MADRID ES MODA Urban Fashion Festival and the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid runway, they have established the Young Designers Competition, to create the packaging (bag, box and case of the chopsticks) of a special and limited in number edition of units of a new product: a box with 32 pieces among which there will be an exclusive roll available only with this box tray.

The aim of the competition, the rules of which you may consult here, is to reflect the essence and philosophy of the company, which will be easy for those who have tasted the delights of their menu. A mixture of traditional and modern, bringing Japanese culture and cuisine to Spain and innovating every day, never leaving quality aside and captivating clients from the first bite.

And so most of the ingredients are chosen and bought every morning by the head chef of each restaurant; the rice is made daily according to the standards of Japanese gastronomy, and the pieces are prepared to the moment according to the orders. The result? More than 200 references where typical dishes stand out, recipes with ingredients of Mediterranean cuisine and in which there are always surprises. The menu is changed every year incorporating the latest trends and bold mixtures of gastronomic fusion.

Participants should send the designs to marketing@gosushing.com, in the formats indicated in the rules, between September 11th and November 10th. Conquering the jury, made up by the managers and the Marketing team of the house, has a prize: € 500. Additionally, the winner will have the privilege of seeing his 'seal' moving around the city. This competition is designed for young designers (over 18 years and resident in Spain). It will also value easy identification of the brand and that the proposal is innovative, unique and creative, as well as its adaptability to any other media. The name of the winner will be communicated in the weeks following the end of the contest on the Go! Sushing website.[:]

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