02 November 2018 - Association

Fashion and Food, join forces

ACME designers, Modesto Lomba, Teresa Helbig, Ana Locking, Juan Vidal, Daniel Rabaneda, Leandro Cano and Cosima Ramírez, and Executive Director, Pepa Bueno, have held a breakfast meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas, within the frame of the events scheduled due to the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution.

This was the first #AlimentosdEspaña – #FoodsfromSpain - meeting that the Ministry plans to carry out with personalities from different fields, and it has also served to highlight the strong synergies and similarities between fashion and food.

During the breakfast, the Minister took the opportunity to highlight the key role played by the fashion sector in the promotion of brand Alimentos de España - Foods from Spain - at a global level. For Luis Planas, fashion and food are elements that enhance the projection of Spain abroad.

On the other hand, Modesto Lomba, President of ACME, has highlighted that the Ministry and the creators of fashion bet for a more responsible form of consumption, one that promotes physical and emotional health. He also pointed out the opportunity to work together to spread the values of Brand Spain of both, foods as well as fashion design. In fact, one of the first actions resulting from the collaboration between the Ministry of Agriculture and the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España has been the graphic design of the bottles that hold those olive oils awarded as best in Spain, for which the Catalan designer Teresa Helbig, one of he participants in the meeting, is responsible.

Pepa Bueno pointed out the parallels between slow food and slow fashion, represented by the designers present at the meeting, a point shared by Ana Locking for whom the artisan and manual processes of author's fashion are comparable with many of the processes in gastronomy. At this point, Andalusian designers Daniel Rabaneda and Leandro Cano highlighted the close ties that agriculture and gastronomy have in their places of origin.

For Cosima Ramírez, consumer eco awareness is another aspect that unites both worlds, while Juan Vidal put on the table the crucial role that fashion and gastronomy have in the creation of Brand Spain.

Soon the agreement between the Ministry and the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España will be renewed to continue developing new activities. As stressed by Planas, "we try not only to administer but also to create". For the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, the collaboration with the creators of fashion is of great value, in particular, during the presentation of their designs in which our country’s foods may be included.


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