31 January 2020 -

Gastronomy and Fashion, synonymous with success

Madrid es Moda’s gastrofashion activities are always synonymous with success. To be able to take refuge from the cold in some of the trendy restaurants, and enjoy a cocktail inspired by a collection, a snack filled with the best Spanish design or simply enjoy the creations exhibited in an improvised manner in these gastro environments, become the capital’s best after work weekend plans. During the Xth edition of the urban fashion festival it is time to savour fashion.

Hence, during Madrid Fashion Week, restaurants dress up with their best garments to star in days full of fashion and delicatessen flavours, by the hand of some of the designers who showcase and present their collections within the frame of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid  (MBFWM).

Such is the case of Miguel Marinero and his Arrecife cocktail. An exclusive combination, inspired by the designer’s next spring / summer fashion proposal that bears the same name, created by one of the best bartenders and mixologists in Spain, Manuel Vehí of Unique Hotel Madrid, and most importantly, delicious, fresh and aromatic. Do not forget to taste it during the days of Madrid es Moda in The Bar of the Unique Hotel, and admire the photographs and designs exhibited from this collection, presented last July in the Madrid runway.

A four handed chef versus designer menu is another of the plans proposed by the urban fashion festival for fashion and gastronomy lovers. Roberto Diz and the chef of the NuBel restaurant present four dishes inspired by “La Caja Negra” collection, recently presented at MBFWM by the Andalusian creator, which can be tasted until February 9th during dinner, with wine pairing included, and a unique price, €38. Many of the capital’s foodies joined in the day of the presentation to see the menu’s creators, and to taste their Gastro-Fashion delicacies.

One of the capital’s gastronomic spaces of reference, Platea, also hosts, as other editions, an exhibit of fashion designs in one of its corners. They are garments and photographs of the last collection of Salamanca designer Fely Campo that will soon be presented in a performance called «Reminiscence».

And finally, we add one more derivative to this equation of gastronomy and fashion; movies. Autocine Madrid Race will project videos related to fashion that can be enjoyed with the “CrEATe Your Food Collection Menu”, designed exclusively for the occasion, for only €19.

Follow all that is happening in Madrid es Moda on its website.

Images Unique and Platea Hotel (Pablo Paniagua), NuBel Restaurant (Íñigo de Amescua) and Autocine Madrid Race provided by them.[:]