03 February 2020 - Madrid es Moda

Taste fashion with Foods from Spain

In each edition of Madrid es Moda, gastronomy and fashion unite, and take a leading role through gastro-fashion activities that show that they are two creative sectors with very much in common.

Thus, each season the program holds delicious activities that add a touch of flavour to the festival. In this edition, gastronomy has enjoyed more presence than ever in Madrid es Moda thanks to the collaboration of ACME with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food. The FOODS FROM SPAIN label, which distinguishes the best agri-food products in the country, joins the celebration of the MADRID ES MODA festival with an original campaign in which prominent designers such as JUAN DUYOSJUANJO OLIVAROBERTO VERINO and CÓSIMA RAMÍREZ, de Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, answer the question: What does fashion taste like?

Wine, Extra Virgin olive oil, fruits and vegetables, and Iberian ham hold surprising relationships with design and fashion and their creative processes that you can discover here. The result is exquisite!

In addition to this tasty collaboration, many MADRID ES MODA events, such as the presentation of the new ROBERTO VERINO collection, the MANS post fashion show party and BEATRIZ PEÑALVER fashion shows’ kissing room, feature a delicious tasting of distinguished products with the Food of Spain Award.

The Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España, also joins in this succulent union of fashion and haute cuisine, hosting a window shop in collaboration with Foods from Spain from February 6th, which will last until the celebration of the Gastrofestival, which will take over from Madrid es Moda.

For all this, the hashtag #saborealamoda #tastefashion becomes the motto of the 10th edition of Madrid es Moda, which offers many, most fashionable, foodies plans.[:]

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