29 July 2019 - Association

The union between fashion and Foods from Spain is strengthened

The Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) continues to collaborate with the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) in the achievement of joint projects that place value regarding the union between fashion and Foods from Spain.

Since the agreement established by both institutions in 2016, many collaborations have taken place in which the best agricultural food products in our country have been the protagonists of major fashion events such as fashion shows and exhibitions, both locally as well as globally.

This same 2019, ACME and MAPA renewed their collaboration by signing a Protocol whereby fashion is proposed as an exception ambassador for Foods from Spain, in order to support its promotion.

Another area in which both sectors collaborate very closely is in the application of design and image consultancy. Thus, during this time, interesting projects have emerged in which fashion and gastronomy merge. The Foods from Spain logo is a design by Davidelfin, due to a contest established between all of ACME’s fashion brands to update this label, which among other products, will distinguish the winners of the cheese contest that has just been called by MAPA.

In the same way, every year the winners of the Extra Virgin oils in the Foods from Spain Awards are packaged in bottles designed by Teresa Helbig. The Catalan fashion creator, whose creations are distinguished by craftsmanship and a taste for detail, devised a design inspired by the embroideries of the mantles of the Holy Week virgins to decorate said bottles. These exclusive designs were chosen by a jury of experts among all the proposals presented by ACME’s designers, who are very actively involved in the projects promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food.

We invite you to discover in this video the Foods from Spain that inspire our designers.