21 November 2018 - Creadores

Ulises Merida’s most solidary scarf

Designer Ulises Mérida has created this scarf in collaboration with Reale Foundation whose benefits will go to APRAMP (Association for the Prevention, Reintegration and Care of Prostituted Women).

The strength, the capacity to regenerate and the delicacy of the women who are part of APRAMP are reflected in this creation. Madrid’s colourful sunsets have inspired Ulises Mérida to create this scarf, made in 100% viscose fabric. A very versatile piece to be worn both in winter and summer, and useful to protect from the cold as well as to go to the beach.

The design of this scarf follows the same line as some of the garments of the "Babel" collection by Ulises Mérida, a proposal that the designer showed on Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid runway, and that is closely linked to APRAMP’s work, because this collection was made with the collaboration of some of the women who are part of this association that fights for the rights of people who suffer sexual exploitation, so that they recover their freedom and dignity.

Fashion and solidarity come together in this project with which Ulises Mérida and Reale Foundation want to raise awareness of the existence of this serious social problem and contribute to improving the lives of the victims of trafficking.

The solidary scarf can be purchased at the Ulises Mérida boutique in Calle Cervantes nº3 in Madrid and also in the designer's online store.[:]