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About Us

The Asociación Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) is a non-profit professional organization founded in 1998 by Modesto Lomba, Jesús del Pozo, Elio Berhanyer, Antonio Pernas, Angel Schlesser and Roberto Verino.

ACME works fundamentally to defend the interests of fashion creation in Spain, offering tools to enhance its competitiveness.

The aim of the Association is to promote Spanish fashion in its economic and cultural facets, encouraging activities that result in benefits for the fashion design sector in the creative and commercial aspects, both within and outside Spain.

ACME works to defend the interests of fashion creation in Spain.

Candidacy of Elio Berhanyer to the Princess of Asturias 2017

The Goya’s dress up in Spanish fashion

ACME participates in Gastrofestival 2017

Convocatoria ayudas para ferias de París

The new wardrobe of OCNE will be made by an ACME designer

The Olympics dress-up in Spanish fashion