ACME is an organization made up of fashion designers from all over Spain. It currently has 93 associated brands that participate in leading local and global fashion shows.


Designer and accessories fashion brands whose businesses are based in Spain, and Spanish labels based abroad that, after showing an interest in joining ACME, may become members of the Association if they are accepted by its associates.

Aspiring associates should submit:

  • A letter addressed to the Chairman of the Association requesting their inclusion, signed by two associates, in which they express their interest in joining ACME.
  • Documentation that demonstrates they own the brand presented or works for it as the Creative Director.
  • Curriculum Vitae.

The requirements for becoming an Associate are:

  • To have presented a minimum of four collections.
  • To have a brand on the market or work for one that is already on the market as Creative Director.

The following will be taken into account:

  • Presence at trade shows, fashion shows and global markets.
  • Number of stores in Spain and abroad.