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Andrés Sardá passes away

The demise of Andrés Sardá is very sad news for all of us who are part of the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España. He was a pioneer in the lingerie industry and he founded one of the most recognized and international houses in Spanish fashion.

Since the 60’s he put his knowledge as a textile engineer at the service of lingerie, a sector that he shook up completely using innovation and new technologies. And so it is that modernity and avant-garde have always been a hallmark of the lingerie brand’s work. Andrés Sardá revolutionized the world of women’s underwear converting it into fashionable garments. He worked hand in hand with great creative people, such as British photographer David Hamilton, author of some of his most emblematic campaigns that have left an indelible image on the retina of all those who love the beauty of this profession.

For Modesto Lomba, “Andrés Sardá was a brilliant and generous man with his teammates, who always opted for brand Spain, for carrying out common projects and for working as a team to take Spanish fashion beyond our borders”.

ACME’s President remembers with affection the closeness with the Catalan creator at the beginning of this Association: “Personally, I was able to treat Andrés very closely. Together we lived the first years of ACME. They were convulsive moments for Spanish fashion in which he always proved to be a great companion”.

Therefore, all of us who make up the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España wish to showcase our enormous affection and admiration for a man who has made history and who raised lingerie to the top in the runways.

From here, our most sincere condolences to his loved ones, and to the firms great family, especially to his daughter Núria Sardá, a member of our Board of Directors, who since the late nineties has been in charge of the creative direction of Andrés Sardá. An excellent professional, highly committed to the fashion sector, and who will know how to perpetuate her father’s great legacy with determination and great affection.