11 February 2021 - Noticias

Ana Locking presents her exhibit Fire talk with me

Designer ANA LOCKING presents her first curated fashion exhibit under the title Fire talk with me, which recalibrates the way of feeling, transmitting and communicating fashion.

It is an audio-visual exhibition, which through the work of more than twenty local and global fashion brands such as Valentino, Palomo Spain, Txell Miras, Balenciaga, Loewe, Simone Rocha or Saint Laurent, among others, showcases Fashion’s implication in transforming adversity. After the alarm situation, and the confinements caused by the pandemic, numerous reflections have been generated regarding ecology, social justice, identity, the need for communities and connectivity.

Fashion, as a witness to the exceptional moment we are living in, has understood the need to produce meaningful discourses creating communities that imply the involvement of fashion brands as well as the consumers. Fire talk with me  has as a common thread Fashion’s engagement with the individual, their social and political environment and the current historical context. A window through which a special meaning can be found far beyond beauty while reaching a meeting point that is none other than bringing emotions to light through creative elements in extreme circumstances.

The exhibition is open to visitors at the CentroCentro exhibit space in Madrid until May 23rd.

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