22 May 2023 - Association

ACME adds five new fashion firms

The Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) welcomes Daniel Chong, Dolores Promesas, Félix Ramiro, Nelez and Raquel López, hence fulfilling its objective to continue uniting and supporting Spanish designer fashion brands. Five fashion firms that represent and celebrate Spanish slow fashion, and that are firmly committed to local production, artisanal transformation and the value of couture crafts.

Daniel Chong is a young designer of Chinese-Ecuadorian origin who studied Design and Communication at the University of Palermo (Buenos Aires). His love for fashion is inherited from his mother, a great dressmaker who currently also works in this small and growing family business. His objective is to create timeless pieces that do not go unnoticed and are easily recognizable by the consumer. Striking, quality fashion proposals, made 100% in Spain, by hand, and using recycled materials. Regarding his participation in ACME, Daniel affirms: “It is an immense honour to join ACME and to be surrounded by the most important teachers in the Spanish fashion sector. It is undoubtedly a real pleasure to be able to contribute my own vision of fashion and sustainability to promote the Made in Spain brand locally as well as globally”.

Dolores Promesas was created in 2005 with the aim of being a fashion firm that generates a great connection with the public. Furthermore, it is also firmly committed to design and quality in order to create a fashion brand with its own philosophy and a very personal style. Dolores Promesas takes the greatest care of each garment’s details, mainly made in Spain and Portugal with high quality fabrics (silk, cotton and viscose), exclusive, with personalized prints, which are transferred to different bases. A leading fashion brand in key red carpets, currently it develops total looks that include, besides the famed party dresses, other categories such as footwear, leather goods, jewellery and sunglasses, all under the Creative Direction of Maya Varín.

Jose Kalu, CEO of Dolores Promesas, highlights the importance of sharing knowledge while promoting collaborations and adds: "With our entry we wish to firmly support the development of "Fashion in Spain". We will contribute our experience in production and distribution in Spain, and above all our know-how acquired in the e-commerce channel. We believe that this type of collaboration will generate strengths for ACME that will make us more competitive”.

For Félix Ramiro, joining ACME means “the recognition of a lifetime dedicated to tailoring and pride in being able to represent and defend the interests of Spanish fashion”. Félix Ramiro is the alma mater and essence of this Tailor House with more than 35 years of consolidated experience; a benchmark in men's fashion. Design, quality and meticulous architectural work are the fashion firm’s, Félix Ramiro, unmistakable hallmark. Currently, with the incorporation of his son Miguel Ángel as the third generation of tailors, they maintain an unstoppable trajectory adapting to changing times and expanding the business possibilities of their creations.

For Jone González, founder and designer of Nelez, “being a member of ACME is a boost for us by entering a platform with leading designers in the industry with whom we can share concerns, challenges, dreams and celebrate Spanish fashion victories. It is an opportunity to increase the reach of our collections bringing them closer to a wider audience, and to learn from those who have travelled this path before us”. Having studied at Istituto Marangoni Milano has provided Jone with an intercultural vision of fashion as a form of expression that she reflects in her sustainable, and long-lasting tailor-made collections, for everyday use as well as for special events, which are constantly gaining followers.

The fifth and latest addition to ACME is Raquel López, who, even if she began her career as a stylist, and because of her love for tradition, artisanal trades, the recovery of exquisite techniques and the respect she feels for the entire creative process, was prompted to found her own fashion brand being in continuous development. In her workshop in Guadalajara she designs her collections for brides and guests, which are currently marketed in Spain as well as internationally. Regarding her integration in ACME, she wishes to highlight that "I feel supported by a group of Spanish companies that believe in the same things as I do, with whom I share values and whom I unite in the collective fight for Spanish fashion’s great value. I just feel happy and very proud.”

"They are very diverse and heterogeneous firms, which bring wisdom and youth, experience and risk to the collective. ACME's mission is to bring together designer fashion companies, defend their interests and contribute to their notoriety. The fact that we are growing sustainably, makes us think that we are on the right path", concludes Pepa Bueno, Executive Director of ACME.