22 September 2023 - News

ACME + Calzia present in Milan the first "hand in hand" collaboration between fashion and footwear Made in Spain

The association Calzia and the association ACME unite fashion and footwear creators under a current and attractive proposal: DESIGN, SUSTAINABILITY AND CRAFTSMANSHIP.

Last Friday, September 15, the collaboration between these two associations, committed to the visibility and internationalization of Fashion Made in Spain, was presented in Milan with the support of the Development Institute of the Region of Murcia - INFO.

This same collaboration was already presented “in-house” a week ago, inaugurating Madrid’s fashion week. The presentation in Milan aims to publicize the already established SPANISH DESIGN in apparel and footwear at the gates of a key moment for fashion in the Italian city of Milan during its own Fashion Week.


Applying the creative genius of ACME’s designers to the craftsmanship and productive excellence of CALZIA footwear manufacturers is a winning combination that can only result in the best espadrille collection of summer 2024.

ACME designers were able to discover how, stitch by stitch, the soles are sewn and crafted to give the best result to the most sustainable footwear on the market: espadrilles.

Footwear that is by definition SUSTAINABLE, NATURAL and HANDMADE. The art of espadrilles, made with natural materials since the time of the Romans and Byzantines, has its cradle in Spain, and the Spanish fashion creators showcase the evolution of this footwear in 2024.


Perssam Textil, a spinning and knitting manufacturer based in Caravaca de la Cruz, creates everything from the thread to the final garment. Truly and authentic slow fashion, sustainable, that matches perfectly with the concept of Modesto Lomba, Maison Mesa and Ernesto Naranjo.

From this union of concepts, creation in the countryside, thread after thread, in an artisanal way respectful with the environment, three brilliant collaborations are born.

Devota and Lomba (footwear collection with Picón and fashion with Perssam Textil)
In the footwear collection, together with Picón, Devota & Lomba has developed a collection of elegant and sober styles very much in line with the silent luxury trend, in some models the fashion brand’s logo is visible to highlight its belonging. Pure lines, minimalism and authenticity with a touch of tradition. Celebration of our roots and Roman and Greek culture in prints and colors. Different heights for each time of the day.

Maison Mesa (footwear collection with Casteller and fashion with Perssam Textil)
Two-tone heels and shocking colors for an ultra feminine and, at the same time, comfortable collection: eight-centimetre wedges that accompany women both in everyday life and during special occasions. Leather, 100% cotton bows and crosses characterize some of the pieces in the collection, whose color range is completed with black passe-partout and silver, ideal to highlight your tan next summer.

Ernesto Naranjo (footwear collection with Kovan 1924 and fashion with Perssam Textil)
In both the footwear collection and the clothing line, the elements that define these collections are straight lines, monochrome and versatility.
The models seek architecture in the lines and adaptability to the body, very important concepts in Naranjo's personality. The search for shapes and colors representative of the fashion brand (lilac, pistachio green...) is present through out.

Elena Suarez & Conchisa
In her collaboration with Conchisa, Elena Suarez conceives vertigo wedges as a base for intertwined shapes in powdery colors. And, faithful to her Canarian tradition, she chooses palm leaves as the star fabric, thus uniting it with her conviction and ideals for local and sustainable production.

Javier de la Fuente & Pinaz
Terraccotta is inspired by ”the beauty of the picturesque Mediterranean landscapes that have seen me grow up”, and is as well a tribute to the area where this style of footwear is manufactured. Six models for men and women designed to celebrate the connection between humans and nature.

María Lafuente & Bonadona
Maria has named her collection Kokoro, the Japanese term she translates in literature as a combination of heart and mind. And in this case, their line wanted to remember some of the most empowering characteristics of women: on the one hand, softness and tenderness, through suede as the main material, and on the other, resolution and feminine strength through golden studs that surround and embellish dizzying clogs and sandals. Pink, green and yellow are her colors, without leaving out black as a timeless basic.

Paloma Suárez & Kanna Shoes
In this first collaboration between Kanna and the Paloma Suárez’s fashion brand, the company's Mediterranean and traditional know-how has merged with the fashion designer’s genuine vision who at the age of 12 created her first hand-painted sneakers.