10 January 2020 -

Agatha creates the image of the Xth edition of Madrid es Moda

Spanish fashion design and creation will once again be the protagonists of Madrid es Moda, the urban fashion festival organized by ACME, which prepares its Xth edition.

As usual, MeM is renewed every season by the hand of leading national designers, who join in this great design party in the capital city by redesigning its graphic image. On this occasion, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada has signed the design of the new image of Madrid es Moda for its next edition, which will be held from January 27th to February 9th.

The most colourful and global Spanish fashion designer has opted for a current and minimalist image, which of course does not lack her personal touch of colour and mischief. With this design, Agatha Ruiz de la Prada makes a wink to her personal signature, but always with the sights set on the collaborative and group values ​​represented by Madrid es Moda. "For us, the key to being part of ACME and the festival Madrid es Moda is to work as a team to promote Spanish fashion, and that is what we have tried to capture regarding our design." says Agatha Ruiz de la Prada.

This new edition of the festival will again feature numerous actions and activities with fashion as the guiding thread. Exhibitions, window shop competitions, special visits to museums, fashion shows, pairing between fashion and gastronomy, master classes on different aspects of the fashion sector and special shopping actions will fill Madrid with the best Spanish design.

The presentation of Legado, the new proposal by Roberto Verino, will become the inaugural event and one of the star actions of the Xth  edition of Madrid es Moda. An innovative experience, aimed at the final consumer, which will bring together the brand¡s friends and customers in the Royal Salon of the Casa de la Panadería. During the event, guests can pre-reserve the spring / summer 2020 collection with the presence of the designer himself and his team of stylists.[:]