14 September 2022 - Colecciones 2022

Beatriz Peñalver's superluna

Beatriz Peñalver choose once again Madrid es Moda to hold a fashion show in which to showcase her new capsule collection. La Serrería Belga is also once again the setting for the designer from Granada’s fashion show, presenting her proposals for next fall-winter season.

The supermoon phenomenon inspires her creations. Fabrics, colors and silhouettes reflect said full moon. Textured crepe, varnished mikado, gauze, satin, pailletes and strass mesh are the fabrics chosen for this collection. As for the palette, she favors the range of olive oil green and yellow hues, which contrast with electric pink, black, purple, neon and a nuance of earth tones in translucent fabrics.

Superluna” is a collection of 12 catwalk looks composed of genderless garments. This proposal is technically an extension and a correction of Stendhal, Beatriz Peñalver's spring-summer 2022 fashion proposal, a collection with which she shares some pattern lines and fabrics as well as the firm's artisanal finishes to which she adds new silhouettes, fringing and a wink to the phenomenon of the Full Moon.

Colecciones 2022