07 February 2024 - Association

Berhanyer, Pablo Erroz and SKFK join the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España

Three new brands join ACME strengthening its commitment to continue uniting and defending the interests of Spanish Designer Fashion


The Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME), begins the year by opening its doors to Berhanyer, Pablo Erroz and SKFK. Three reference fashion brands that share with the rest of the Associates values that uphold and make Spanish slow fashion unique, such as quality, the recovery of trades and sustainable production. ACME thus continues to bring together Spanish fashion in order to continue defending, united, the sector’s interests.

”Uniting the entire sector, thus contributing to make it increasingly stronger and more relevant within the Spanish fashion panorama, is one of the Association’s main purposes, and these three incorporations contribute in a very significant way to continue advancing along this path” says Modesto Lomba, president of ACME.

ACME adds to its ranks one of the most anticipated returns in Spanish fashion: Berhanyer. The iconic brand returns under the creative direction of Sergio de Lázaro, founder and current designer of the Otrura brand. A visionary who has taken on the challenge of leading this new era based on the legacy of the great Elio Berhanyer. He was Winner of the L'Oreal award in 2021 for Best Men's and Women's collection at MBFWM. Sergio's leitmotiv is the search for the contemporaneity and avant-garde, supported by the pillars of that which is current, strong & global.

“For us it is very important to be with the two houses (Otrura and now Berhanyer) within ACME, because in the end it is a support to the association, to the work we have been doing and above all; looking towards the future, giving a voice that aims to maximize fashion in our country. Not only designer fashion, but fashion with capital letters in Spain,” adds Sergio de Lázaro.

Another addition is Pablo Erroz. Nicknamed the “heir of New York cool,” he is one of today's most promising designers. With a style that fuses streetwear with easy and sophisticated luxury, upgraded to the new times, his collections unite summer and winter, evoking a kinder and more environmentally friendly consumption.

Winner of several awards, such as the Onda Cero for design (2014) or Barcelona Designers Collective (2015), and selected for the prestigious Woolmark Prize International (2017), Pablo Erroz has presented his fashion proposals on platforms such as MBFWMadrid, Vienna Fashion Week or 080 Barcelona Fashion. Also noteworthy are his active, multidisciplinary collaborations with other local and global fashion brands, product design, decoration or interior design, among other creative areas.

Regarding his joining ACME, he states “Our incorporation into ACME arose with the idea of being able to continue exploring alliances, sharing knowledge and investigating new synergies that may arise.”

The third new member of ACME is SKFK, a brand that has been creating timeless fashion in its offices in the Basque Country since 1999 with a unique identity that highlights the work behind each collection. Maia Curutchet, its creative director, transfers her soul and her way of understanding fashion to the brand that currently has more than 600 multi-brand points of sale internationally and a network of 13 own stores in Spain and France.

Furthermore, some of their pieces arise from working together with artists and designers, forging a meeting point between fashion and art. SKFK is also committed to demonstrating to the fashion industry that change is possible, that negative impacts can be reversed and that art, design and innovation can be at the forefront of regenerative fashion. With GOTS certification, SKFK was the first Fair Trade® certified fashion brand in Spain.

“It is an honor to be part of ACME and to be able to contribute our vision on art and design within the ready-to-wear industry. It is very important to be part of this platform alongside great fashion leaders in our country, and to be able to share challenges and concerns with them, in addition to celebrating and defending together the Made in Spain and slow fashion seal,” declares upon their arrival to the Association Mikel Elzo, the brand’s founder.

“SKFK is an established firm in the market that has made a determined and courageous commitment to fashion regarding environmental and people responsibility since its inception. Collaborations with artists from different fields is also one of the keys to the fashion brand’s dialogue. Pablo Erroz, on the other hand, is one of the most prominent designers on the national scene, who from the first moment placed at the center of his work concepts that are indispensable today in the fashion discourse, such as genderless, seasonless fashion. And what to mention regarding Berhanyer!. Elio was one of the five ACME’s founding designers in 1998, and became an Honorary Associate in Memoriam after his demise. The active reintegration of his signature firm into ACME, which also comes about with the help of one of our Associates, is a return home, and we are proud of it. The history of Spanish fashion owes a lot to Elio and it is great news that his legacy continues and evolves,” states Pepa Bueno, ACME’s executive director.