08 April 2022 - Creadores

Devota & Lomba designs the new OCNE uniforms

Talent and creativity go hand in hand in an exciting project due to the alliance of the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain (OCNE) and the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME). The components of OCNE premiere a new wardrobe designed by signature label Devota & Lomba.

This uniformity is the result of a competition organized among ACME’s designers to redesign the costumes of the National Orchestra and Choir of Spain. An initiative that enjoyed the participation of many of our creators, and in which the proposal led by Modesto Lomba’s firm was chosen.

Devota & Lomba's wardrobe proposal for OCNE is made up of a cobalt blue cape blouse that starts at the neckline and covers the arms and back, a singular garment combined with straight black trousers for the women who are part from the choir. The men wear a jacket with a cape that starts at the front and covers the arms and back, thus allowing freedom of movement in the arms for the use of sheet music.

The orchestra members wear a new tailcoat redesigned by Devota & Lomba, which is made up of a black tailcoat and trousers suit, a classic white shirt and a straight bow tie, a hallmark of the house directed by Modesto Lomba.

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