07 March 2022 - Colecciones 2022

Duyos presents 'The Collection' at Madrid es Moda

DUYOS presents 'The Collection' at Madrid es Moda, an ode to preciousness and work well-done work inspired by Spain and its great wealth, traditions and trades, which is shown with an exhibit at the Cerralbo Museum.

With 'The Collection', Duyos unites the entire history of Spain and continues its narrative in a scenario with an abundance of fabrics, objects and dresses, in which aesthetics and entertainment reign supreme. Sensory hedonism at its finest. The creator from Madrid also premieres a video clip in MeM starring in this new format three iconic models: Judit Mascó, Verónica Blume and Laura Sánchez who show his new proposals in which the garments aesthetics and textures blend perfectly with the exuberance of Cerralbo Museum, which was also the setting for this video where the 20 pieces that make up 'The Collection' can be seen.

With this unique presentation, Duyos unites his couture designs with more commercial proposals, created exclusively for Es Fascinante.

Colecciones 2022
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