05 September 2023 - Madrid es Moda

Fashion Week takes off with the opening event Madrid es Moda

This morning, the Four Seasons Hotel in Madrid hosted the presentation of Madrid Fashion Week, which begins next Thursday with Madrid es Moda and will continue with the 78th edition of MBFWMadrid starting on Tuesday, September 12. During the presentation, the program and news of both events were jointly announced.

Led by Concha Díaz de Villegas, General Director of Commerce, Hospitality and Consumption of the Government Area of Economy, Innovation and Finance of Madrid City Council, the press conference included the intervention of Modesto Lomba, President of the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME); Juan Arrizabalaga, General Director of IFEMA MADRID, and José Luis Almeida, Mayor of Madrid, who wished to highlight “the incredible gathering of talent that will take place during Fashion Week thanks to the participation of 41 designers in MBFWM and another 39 at the Madrid es Moda event. A group of creators who allow us to feel proud of what fashion means in Madrid and Spain, and who offer a vision of the future of this industry, fundamental for the capital city."

In his speech, Modesto Lomba, President of ACME, wanted to highlight that: “Madrid es Moda has established itself as the project that best represents Spanish designer fashion through the values of slow fashion. In this edition, 39 firms participate in 27 actions distributed in different parts of the capital city. Events that are committed to the current guidelines that mark the sector: new ways of presenting and consuming fashion.”

Madrid es Moda