09 February 2020 -

I Sustainable Fashion Week Madrid

The first Sustainable Fashion Week (SFW), promoted by The Circular Project and framed within the activities of Madrid es Moda, was created with the firm intent of demonstrating that it is possible to approach dressing with another attitude. With this runway, Madrid joins the many global capitals that promote and favour sustainable fashion. It opens a door to greater visibility of the work that major brands are achieving regarding the creation of garments and accessories as a highly effective tool in the fight against climate change.

Sustainable fashion is an environmental emergency. The textile industry is the second most polluting in our planet after the oil companies, manufacturing tons of clothes and only recycling 1% of their garment’s production, which is a waste of natural resources. It is also responsible for 1,200 million greenhouse gas emissions, a figure that exceeds that produced by air and sea transport. According to Greenpeace's "Detox my Fashion" report, keeping clothes for one or two years would reduce CO2 emissions by 24%.

With SFW Madrid a different runway has arrived where all are extremely aware that every action taken produces an environmental impact, in most cases a negative one, and that it is necessary to identify them, minimize them and compensate them positively in compliance with the Objectives of Sustainable Development which are present in all its guidelines.

During the first Sustainable Fashion Week, a series of activities were held in the Talent Garden space, such as a conference day in which was discussed where the textile industry is heading, and what can be recovered from past actions, a showroom to present some of the brands and the professionals that work on sustainable fashion, and a fashion show where companies such as Capitán DenimEl Naturalista, IremaCanussa or Abissi have showcased their designs.

It has also been possible to enjoy a photographic exhibition at TeamLabs, and as a final act, the “Queen Upciclyng” fashion show at the Buero Vallejo Theater in Alcorcón, in which most of the garments have been recycled.

Photos presentation and exhibition: Pablo Paniagua

Photos parades: Ángela Anes Gordaliza