27 February 2024 - Association

Isla Bonita joins the Spanish Fashion Association

ACME confirms, as a collaborating institution, the incorporation of Isla Bonita Moda. ACME and Isla Bonita Moda join forces to strengthen and enrich their structures. Isla Bonita Moda is a program of the Department of Economic Promotion of the Island of La Palma’s Council, managed through the Society for the Promotion and Social Economic Development of La Palma (SODEPAL SAU) which was created to promote the development of the textile and fashion creative sector in La Palma, an island with a historical tradition in silk, linen or embroidery crafts, among other disciplines.

The program’s objective is to promote La Palma’s fashion industry through the constitution of an Island Fashion Plan focused on the promotion, training, professionalization and support of fashion creators, valuing their artisanal work applied to the avant-garde and ensuring the marketing of their collections.

Pepa Bueno, executive director of ACME, points out that “Isla Bonita Moda is one of the most exciting institutional projects to support the fashion sector, and with the most growth prospects. At ACME we can contribute decisively to this development with our expertise. The firms that are a part of the program have enormous potential, since they share slow fashion values, have strong local roots and work with La Palma’s crafts and artisans when designing their creations.”

Committed to excellence, sustainability, the conservation of craftsmanship and the empowerment of local talent or innovation, today Isla Bonita Moda joins the brands that are integrated into ACME, with whom values and goals are shared.