18 November 2021 - Creadores

La Hacería, a search engine for artisans promoted by Moisés Nieto

Designer MOISÉS NIETO promotes La Hacería, an artisan google. It is a co-design project that aims to place tradition’s values upon women’s hands. This search engine specializes in finding artisans from various disciplines to revitalize old techniques and promote their work. With this initiative, the designer became the winner of the Madrid Capital Fashion Award 2020, an award promoted by the Government Area of ​​Economy, Innovation and Employment of Madrid’s City Council

Reviewing tradition, promoting synergies and creating new ways of working in the world of artisan crafts, are some of the objectives of La Hacería, a project also supported by ACME and Fundesarte, a leading institution in the development of Spanish artisan crafts.

La Hacería is a search platform with which to get to know these artisans, be able to contact them, discover their latest work and above all, locate them geographically. More than 100 artisans have already joined this initiative.

“Our goal is to commit ourselves to the artisans which, with their delicate, strong, intense hands, express feelings, are experts in handling materials to create unique pieces which are design and artisan works of art arising from almost forgotten crafts that resist to disappear, and that are updated with the contributions from new designers ", declares Moisés Nieto.

Through an intuitive system of keywords, which predicts the way users search, the person using La Hacería will be able to find the craft, the artisan, or the type of piece they are looking for, by filling in the web’s search bar with the needs in mind. The platform is optimized for mobile, tablet or computer. Thinking of it as a fast tool that can be optimally be accessed from anywhere in any tech support. Thanks to coordinates geo-location technology, La Hacería also shows the artisans on a map, so that the user can find the profile that best suits their proximity.

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