23 October 2021 - Uncategorized

ACME Swim Talks at GC Swim Week by Moda Cálida

Within the frame of GRAN CANARIA SWIM WEEK by Moda Cálida, the Asociación Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) organized several meetings regarding fashion swimwear with some of the most representative designers of said Fashion Week as well as professionals from the fashion sector, whom talked about the sector’s present and future discoursing about relevant issues such as inclusion and sustainability.

The Fashion Swim Talks, conducted by Pepa Bueno, executive director of ACME, enjoyed the special collaboration of journalist and consultant Charo Izquierdo. The first day began with a dialogue between Pepa Bueno and Charo Izquierdo about inclusive fashion. Concepts such as genderless, race or age are more present than ever in fashion brand’s narrative, a discipline that is a true reflection of social transformation that upholds diversity’s defence.

This dialogue, led by Charo Izquierdo and Pepa Bueno, continued with a subsequent debate between prominent swimwear brands discussing in depth how this specific sector works towards inclusion and diversity. Dolores Cortés, Como la trucha al trucho and Núria González talked about how swimwear brands work to be a reflection of a diverse world.

The second day of the Fashion Swim Talks began with a talk in which Modesto Lomba, Charo Izquierdo and Pepa Bueno were able to discourse about sustainability in the fashion industry. Author’s fashion commitment to responsible consumption and production was one of the central points of this meeting, in which Charo Izquierdo also presented some data from the report "Sustainable transformation in the textile sector", carried out by the WAS Association (Women Action Sustainability), of which she is an active member, as well as the KPMG Foundation.

On how sustainable processes are implemented by swimwear brands and the challenges that small companies face to carry them out, the following talk was moderated by Pepa Bueno, which included the participation of creators Aurelia Gil, Pedro Palmas, Elena Morales and Clara Esteve, creative director of brands TCN and All that she loves