09 September 2022 - Madrid es Moda

Madrid es Moda transforms the city into an authentic catwalk during the opening event

Yesterday Madrid es Moda premiered a new edition, as well as Madrid Fashion Week, with a ground breaking urban event that once again converted the centre of Madrid into the best catwalk for designer fashion. Under the concept "Voices for a new fashion", this action celebrated author design brands’ commitment with a new way of making fashion, being the concept of this edition of Madrid es Moda.

Beginning at Serrería Belga, and with the city in full swing, BEATRIZ PEÑALVER, DEVOTA & LOMBA, EDUARDO NAVARRETE, ERNESTO NARANJO, GARCÍA MADRID, MANÉMANÉ, MARIA LAFUENTE, ODETTE ÁLVAREZ, PALOMA SUÁREZ and REVELIGION, accompanied by their muses and models dressed up in their fashion collections, toured aboard 15 tuk tuks the Paseo del Prado, the Emperor Carlos V roundabout and streets Felipe IV and Alfonso XII. The designers complemented their creations with PDPAOLA jewellery, which shone brightly at this celebration thanks to the collaboration with KLARNA.

The destination of this fashion show was the steps of the National Museum of Anthropology, where a group photo was taken to vindicate the value of Spanish author fashion, bringing its own pink carpet to the street, thanks to the support of Klarna and the backing of Madrid City Council. A snapshot loaded with symbols to launch a message of commitment to values ​​such as diversity, quality, sustainability and creativity.

The afternoon closed with a performance by multidisciplinary artist Luna Lionne and with a "guerrilla fashion show" around the museum, to the surprise of all passers-by, as a symbol that fashion is alive, it is available for all and made to be worn.

Madrid es Moda, an initiative organized by the Asociación de Creadores de Moda de España thanks to the support of Madrid City Council through the platform Madrid Capital de Moda, is in charge of opening Madrid Fashion Week and completing the official calendar of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week’s fashion shows. From September 8th to 14th, Madrid es Moda will continue to bring author fashion closer to the street promoting its knowledge and boosting sales with curated events that will take place in every corner of the city. An edition that aims to celebrate and give visibility to the new narratives that currently define Spanish fashion with the participation of over 30 designers and brands.


Madrid es Moda