31 January 2024 - Madrid es Moda

Madrid es Moda will premiere with an urban performance where fashion and dance dialogue about the art of the crafts

Madrid es Moda, an initiative organized by the Asocación de Creadores de Moda de España (ACME) with the support of Madrid City Council, through the City Council’s area of Economy, Innovation and Finance program Madrid Capital de Moda, confirms its calendar and reveals the opening event details: a performance in the centre of Madrid where fashion and contemporary dance merge in a choreography, signed by Dani Pannullo, that pays tribute to fashion professions. This creative concept also marks the programming that will take place from February 12 to 14 with the presentation of unedited, resee and ongoing collections by 28 designers in theaters, art galleries, ateliers, “plazas” and the city’s representative places, such as the Ateneo or the Serrería Belga Cultural Space, of the Culture, Tourism and Sports Area of Madrid City Council.

Álvaro Calafat, Carlota Barrera, Daniel Chong, Devota & Lomba, Dominnico, Enneges, Ernesto Naranjo, Evade House, Fely Campo, García Madrid, Guillermo Décimo, Javier Delafuente, Juan Vidal, Leandro Cano, Luis Berrendero, Maison Mesa, Maya Hansen, Miguel Marinero, Moisés Nieto, Odette Álvarez, Oteyza, Paloma Suárez, Peñalver Brand, Pilar Dalbat, Roberto Verino, The Extreme Collection, Viriato and We Are Spastor are the fashion creators who will showcase their proposals through fashion shows, open days, exhibits, artistic instalations, colloquiums and pop ups.

Trades: The invisible art of fashion is the motto and common thread of the next edition of Madrid es Moda, focused on giving visibility to the high trades that make fashion possible. On the one hand it is a claim to bring them closer to young people who aspire to dedicate themselves to this industry, and on the other, to reach consumers, so that they are aware that each designer garment is much more than just a sketch. We refer to tailors, pattern makers, embroiderers, seamstresses, dyers, dressmakers, printers... Professionals who materialize fashion designer’s creativity and imagination thanks to their knowledge accumulated generation after generation.



Madrid es Moda